Remote Learning FAQ

Will online learning follow the Quadmester model, or will students take their regular four courses each day?

On-line learning taught by St. Clair Catholic teachers will be instructed via the Quadmester model. Depending on student requests and qualifications of remote learning teachers, we cannot guarantee that every student will have all 4 courses delivered in this model. When this is not possible students may be placed into the provincial e-learning consortia, which typically works on a 5 month model.

What is meant by independent learning from E-Learning consortia and TVO?

Fully online (e-Learning) courses offered through the e-Learning consortia are taught by Ontario teachers from across the province. These courses follow a five-month (semestered) asynchronous model. Courses offered by TVO’s Independent Learning Centre happen outside of the St. Clair Catholic District School board. Courses are fully online and asynchronous.

Can students switch between online learning and in-person classroom learning?

Families were asked in June 2021 to choose the preferred model of instruction for their child. Using this information, the Board has organized classrooms and determined timetables, staffing and other arrangements necessary for the return to school. There are no defined learning model switch dates available for the 2021-2022 school year and students will be required to continue learning in the model chosen for the whole school year. Under exceptional circumstances, St Clair Catholic may consider a change to a student’s learning model when a request is communicated to the school principal prior to the start of classes.

Will students receive textbooks to learn at home?

Learn at home will be delivered using a digital platform. In the majority of cases textbooks will not be used.

Will additional technology be available to families who need devices to learn at home?

SCCDSB is committed to working with families to support learning at home. Our helpdesk is available to answer questions and assist families in finding solutions.

Are the synchronous learning lessons recorded so they can be accessed at a different time?

This is currently being considered for the Learn at Home program.

What if my internet cannot accommodate multiple students accessing online learning at the same time? Are they able to switch back to in-person classroom learning?

SCCDSB is committed to working with families to support learning at home. Our helpdesk is available to answer questions and assist families in finding solutions. Student requests to switch learning platforms in secondary at the end of the first Quadmester (mid-November) would be considered on a case by case basis, and would depend on class sizes and timetabling restrictions.

What if there is an interruption to our internet service that disrupts our children's online learning?

Unplanned Internet outages are bound to happen from time to time. As soon as your connection is restored, send a message to your teacher(s) to let them know the time period missed and the last item for which your children were present online.

If we have issues with online learning, who is the contact person for future questions?

SCCDSB is committed to assisting our student families in their learning at home journey. We expect parents to ask for help using Chromebooks, logging in or connecting to home internet.

To support you, our Helpdesk is available by sending us a form detailing your request at

For more information please refer to the Working With Tech page.

For information on Internet please refer to the Home Internet Providers page.

If students choose online learning, will they be able to have grad photos taken and be included in the yearbook?

We will make every effort to facilitate this with the support and advice of our public health units.

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